AlfaBot X7 window cleaning robot with app and remote control, for all types



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The AlfaBot automatic window cleaning robot is the perfect way to keep your windows sparkling clean! With three different cleaning modes, a 50ml water tank, and the ability to manually clean windows, this smart robot makes it easier and faster than ever to get the job done. Not only that, but it can be used to clean other smooth surfaces, like tables, tiles, and mirrors. You’ll love the convenience of using the app and remote control to move the robot in all directions with just one button, and the 4m extension cable allows it to reach even high, hard-to-reach places. Plus, it has a triple safety system that uses advanced technology and sensors to detect the frame, an internal battery for 20 minutes of use even if power is cut off, and a safety rope for added protection. Finally, its adsorption technology and suction motor offer an excellent super suction power that won’t let the robot fall down from the window, and its 8.5cm thinness means it won’t stay between the window and the anti-theft net.

Seller’s Description:

Intelligent and effective cleaning: Plan the way automatically and there are 3 cleaning modes for you to choose, and you can also clean the windows in manual mode. In addition, the smart window cleaning robot is equipped with 50ml water tank, it can automatically spray water for cleaning, saving time and effort. Multifunctional Cleaning: AlfaBot automatic window cleaning robot is perfect for cleaning windows, but also very useful for cleaning other smooth surfaces, as well as living room tables, tiles and mirrors. The window cleaning robot also cleans interior and exterior windows with great ease, including high and hard-to-reach windows. Easy to use: Cleaning will be faster and more efficient with the robot to clean the windows, it is convenient via the app and remote control, it can move in all directions with a single button. The 4m extension cable allows the robot to reach high places. It stops automatically and gives an indication when cleaning is complete. Note: Must be connected to power supply for cleaning. Triple safety system: with advanced technology and sensors of IA, it detects the frame to prevent it from falling down, more suitable for cleaning the framed glass. Thanks to the internal battery, the window cleaning robot can still be attached to the glass for at least 20 minutes, even if the power supply is suddenly cut off. And there is also a safety rope to ensure high cleanliness. Super suction power: Uses the adsorption technology of suction motor, the window cleaning robot can stick with the glass very securely, it will not fall down easily. The ultra-thin thickness of 8.5cm does not stay between the window and the anti-theft net. And microfiber cloth can be cleaned from the windows without damaging the surfaces.

Color: White

Capacity: 50 milligram

Power: 150 watts

Automatic shutoff: Yes

Loudness: 65 dB

Other specifications: Wireless


Weight: 950 Gramm

Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 8.5 cm

Brand: Besuche den AlfaBot-


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Weight 950 kg
Dimensions 29 × 14 × 8.5 cm


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