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Gain insight into your health with Halo. With a membership, you can track key metrics such as heart rate, Activity points, and Sleep score, as well as on-demand blood oxygen levels on the Halo View color touch display. Your purchase includes 12 months of access to exclusive features like personalized exercise programs, sleep quality measurements, meditations, recipes, and more. The subscription auto-renews at $3.99/month plus tax and can be managed in Your Account › Memberships & Subscriptions. Additionally, use the Halo app to measure body fat percentage with just your smartphone camera and analyze your tone of voice. You can also receive notifications, control music, and get move reminders right from your wrist. Lastly, ask your Alexa-enabled device for your health summary, activity score, sleep quality, and more if you connect it to the Halo app.

More than just counting steps — Access key Halo health metrics like heart rate, Activity points, Sleep score, and on-demand blood oxygen levels on the Halo View color touch display. Halo membership included — Purchase includes 12 months of full access to exclusive membership features, workouts, and programs. Auto-renews at $3.99/month + tax. To manage your membership, visit Your Account › Memberships & Subscriptions. Move better — Get a Movement Assessment with the Halo app and a personalized exercise program to help improve your movement health over time. Recharge and refuel — Measure the quantity and quality of your sleep, and discover daily meditations and delicious recipes from WW, Whole Foods Market, and more. Discover more — Access an ever-growing library of expert-backed, on-demand workouts and other ways to stay healthy. Go deeper — Measure your body fat percentage using just your smartphone camera and the Halo app and analyze your tone of voice with the Halo app. On-the-go control — Receive call & text notifications, control music, start live workouts, and get move reminders right from your wrist Halo works with Alexa — Ask your Alexa-enabled device to tell you your health summary, activity score, sleep quality, and more. Visit settings within the Halo app and click on “Connect Alexa” to enable.

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Is there a monthly fee for Amazon Halo?

If you purchase a Halo View, you will get a free membership for one year, while if you buy a Halo Band or Rise, it’s six months of free membership. After your complimentary period is over, your Amazon Halo membership will keep renewing itself each month at a cost of $3.99 plus taxes. This rate can be changed at any time.

What can the Amazon Halo View do?

The Amazon Halo View is equipped to track your physical activity, SpO2 levels, heart rate, length of sleep and skin temperature. Furthermore, its accompanying app provides many tools for you to use to maximize your performance.

Do you wear Amazon Halo in the shower?

Your Halo gadget has a water-resistance capability of up to 50 meters, which means it can be utilized for shallow aquatic activities such as taking a dip in the pool or sea and can even be worn while showering.

Does Halo View have GPS tracking?

It’s unfortunate that GPS hardware isn’t available for the Halo View, because it would likely have enough battery life to last a full week. Even without this feature, users can still get up to a week of use from the device. Comparatively, the Fitbit Inspire 3 allows for up to 10 days of battery life.

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