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Google’s Pixel 6a is an unlocked phone model that runs on the Android 12.0 operating system and has 5G mobile technology. It comes with 128 GB of storage and utilizes USB connectivity. It has a charcoal color and GSM wireless network technology with 6 GB of RAM. It requires 1 lithium-polymer battery (included) and has an unknown software update guarantee. Customers rate it 4.4 out of 5 stars with 2,550 reviews.

Intelligent processor smart smartphone. Pixel 6a is smart, secure and powerful thanks to Google Tensor – Google’s first processor just for Pixel The battery that adapts to you. Pixel 6a’s smart battery offers more than 24 hours of battery life. It learns which apps you use frequently and reduces the battery usage of other apps Let your creativity run wild – with the Pixel camera. Detailed portraits with the sharpener, authentic photos of different skin tones with Real Tone and put an end to unwanted objects thanks to the magic eraser Duplication of Thanks to Google Tensor, Google Pixel 6a is fast and responsive. Apps are launched quickly, pages and images load fast and everything runs smoothly Pixel loads fast – really fast. The Google Pixel 6a never needs to be connected to the charging cable for long. After just a few minutes of charging, your smartphone is ready to go again for several hours of real-time translations. Live translation lets you chat in 11 languages, interpret conversations, and translate signs using your Pixel 6a Built-in protection – with Pixel; With the Titan M2 security chip and Google Tensor processor as an additional hardware security layer, your Pixel 6a is even better protected against attacks


Brand: Google

Model name: Pixel 6a

Mobile carrier: Unlocked

Operating system: Android 12.0

Mobile technology: 5G

Memory capacity: 128 GB

Connectivity technology: USB

Color: Charcoal

Wireless network technology: GSM

Size of installed RAM memory: 6 GB


Batteries: 1 lithium-polymer batteries required (included)

Guaranteed software updates until: unknown

Customer reviews: 4.4 4.4 out of 5 stars
2,550 star ratings



Weight: 178.42 grams

Dimensions: 15.22 x 7.18 x 0.88 cm

Brand: Visit the Google


Can the Pixel 6a do 5G?

The Google Pixel 6a will be available in Germany in July 2022 as a 5G-enabled smartphone.

How well does the Pixel 6a perform?

The bottom line is that the Google Pixel 6a is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget smartphone that offers the same performance as the top models. It also offers the two main advantages of Pixel smartphones, namely the pure Android operating system with an update guarantee and the excellent camera.

Which is the better buy, the Google Pixel 6 or 6a?

If you’re looking for a smaller screen, the Pixel 6a is a good choice. It has a screen size of just 6.1 inches, compared to 6.4 inches on the Pixel 6. Fortunately, Google hasn’t skimped on display resolution, with both models resolving in Full HD+.

Which Google Pixel 6 has the highest-quality camera?

The ComputerBase community has decided that the Google Pixel 6 Pro is the best camera among the seven smartphones selected in the two-part blind test, which involved shooting a total of 16 subjects. The Pixel 6 Pro took the win in daytime shots.

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Additional information

Weight 178.42 kg
Dimensions 15.22 × 7.18 × 0.88 cm


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