HIFIMAN SUNDARA Over-Ear Planar Full Size Magnetic Headphones – Black



16/03/2023 22:22:59

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This product from HIFIMAN is called SUNDARA, and it has an impressive frequency response range of 6 Hz to 75 kHz, an impedance of 37 Ω, and an identification sound pressure of 94 dB/W/m. It weighs 372 g without the cable and is made in the United Kingdom. It is ranked 20,025 in Electronics & Photo and 650 in In-Ear Headphones, with 4.4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

Frequency response: 6 Hz to 75 kHz. Impedance: 37 Ω. Identification sound pressure: 94 dB/W/m. Weight without cable: approx. 372 g

Your new magnetic ostat on membranes (NsD-Neo “supernano” Diaphragm), which are 80% thinner compared to the successful model HE-400. This achieves a successful combination of detail and velvetiness. The drivers work in the range of 6Hz up to 75,000Hz. At the same time, it has succeeded in increasing the sound pressure level to 94 dB. A new headband construction ensures good comfort. The ear cup itself and its holder are now no longer made of plastic, but made of aluminium. Nevertheless, the weight is only 372 g. The connection cables remain removable and are equipped with 3.5 mm jack plugs on the handset side. The length of 1.5 m is selected for mobile and desk use. An adapter for use with large jack headphone outputs is included. Target gender: unisex

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 cm; 372 Grams

Date First Available: 9 May 2018

Manufacturer: HIFIMAN

Item model number: SUNDARA

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Best Sellers Rank: 20,025 in Electronics & Photo ( See Top 100 in Electronics & Photo ) 650 in In-Ear Headphones

Customer reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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Does the Sundara provide good sound quality?

If you’re after headphones to set up in a specific listening area, the HiFiMan Sundara is an outstanding choice, given its lower price tag compared to other high-end alternatives. It far outperforms what you would expect from its cost.

Is HiFiMAN a company from China?

Hifiman Electronics is a Chinese company that produces high-quality audio products such as headphones, amplifiers, and portable audio players. Originally operating under the name Head-Direct, Hifiman is now the sole brand for all its audio products.

Does the HiFiMAN Sundara produce a good quality of bass?

This speaker provides a good amount of bass with a flat-line response that has a slight roll-off before 40 Hz, creating a balanced and impactful sound.

Does the HiFiMAN Sundara require a lot of power to drive?

The HiFiMAN Sundara CB is a Closed-Back headphone with Planar magnetic Drivers which require minimal power to operate. It has a low impedance of approximately 20Ω and a sensitivity of 98dB, meaning it is easy to drive.

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