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TL;DR Summary:
TOPDON’s ArtiDiag800 BT-DE is a wired diagnostic device with Android 10.0 operating system. It requires a lithium-ion battery (included). It has 28 service functions, including oil lamp reset, electric parking brake reset, battery management system reset, steering angle sensor reset and diesel particulate filter reset. It also comes with wireless connectivity and free software updates.

【ALL SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS DEVICE】Perform OE analysis of ECM, transmission, ABS, airbag, SAS, DPF, EVAP, TPMS, BMS, EPB and other available on-board systems. Retrieve codes to clear and turn off corresponding warning lights; Review still image data; View live stream in detailed text and merged graphical diagram you need to diagnose, repair and maintain for most car makes and models worldwide. NOT a bi-directional diagnostic scanner. Active test is NOT available. 【28 SERVICE FUNCTIONS】 Go by the pop-up guide for easy access to the 28 most popular maintenance services in this diagnostic tool: oil, SAS, EPB and tire pressure reset; injector coding; SAS calibration; ABS bleeding; DPF regeneration; battery, gas, headlight, transmission and anti-theft (ONLY for Asian cars with relatively low-grade IMMO); EGR adjustment; Gear Learning; sunroof initialization. Menus vary by car make, model and year. 【WIRELESS + AUTOVIN】Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 VCI dongle, you can easily perform wireless diagnostics with an extremely long working range of 33 feet (10 m). AutoVIN technology automatically detects the vehicle’s make, model and year, and the correct software can be quickly adjusted with a single touch. The complete, clear and accurate report is automatically generated for further analysis. AutoVIN does not work for ALL vehicles. You can also enter the VIN data manually. 【NO EXTRA COST】Skip the expensive subscription to stay up to date. With the free lifetime update available in this obd2 scanner, you can fix bugs, enhance features and cover newly released car models throughout its lifetime. Save extra cost from an annual maintenance fee of $75 to $250 that is charged by other scanners market which have same features. 【Package contents of diagnostic device 】 1 x TOPDON ArtiDiag800BT diagnostic device; 1 x VCI dongle; 1 x protective case; 1 x power adapter; 1 x USB-C cable; 1 x user manual; 1 x password letter.* All items we sent to Amzon warehouse are brand new. If you received a used or wrong diagnostic device, please contact us in time and we will replace you with a brand new one for free.* 【Warm Message】 If you have any problems before or after purchase, please send us an email: support @ We are always ready to offer help and appreciate your feedback to make improvements. *If you are not satisfied with your AD800BT and would like to return it, please mark it as not for sale to avoid reselling a used one to other customers. Appreciate! * If you have received a used product, please contact us immediately!


Power Source: Wired

Operating System: Android 10.0


Model: ArtiDiag800 BT-DE

Batteries: 1 lithium-ion batteries required (included).

Manufacturer’s part number/serial number: ArtiDiag800 BT

Special features: ???? 28 Service functions: Oil lamp reset、electric parking brake reset、battery management system reset、steering angle sensor reset、diesel particulate filter reset、injector programming、throttle adjustment…;, ???? OBD2 diagnostic device with All system diagnostics;, ???? Wireless connection;, ???? free software update;


Weight: 1.37 kilogram

Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.1 x 10.9 cm

Brand: Visit the TOPDON-


Which is the best OBD2 diagnostic tool?

It allows you to perform a.
quick and reliable diagnosis of your vehicle.

Which diagnostic software supports all brands?

The iCarsoft CR-Pro is an OBD diagnostic device specifically designed to perform manufacturer-specific checks on more than 40 vehicle brands. It also supports standard OBD-2 diagnostics for all brands.

Which diagnostic tool do car doctors use?

It allows for
Diagnose and repair vehicles of all brands that use the OBD2 protocol. Using manufacturer software and original parts, they can quickly and reliably troubleshoot.

“Car Doctors” have been working with the EuroDFT diagnostic device since mid-November, which allows them to diagnose and repair vehicles of all brands that use the OBD2 protocol. They use manufacturer software and original parts to fix problems quickly and reliably.

Which device can be used to code diagnostics?

With an OBD2 diagnostic device, it is possible to read and display any data and fault codes originating from ECUs or on-board electronics.

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Additional information

Weight 1.37 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 19.1 × 10.9 cm


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